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Hope and Help Counseling was a true blessing to find in our time of need. We had been to many other counseling centers looking for help, but we were always turned away for the lack of funds or because we didn't have the proper insurance needed.

There are physical and spiritual elements that George Brummell has an understanding of how the two coexist in human nature. Because of his life experiences and his professional training including state certification, he has the wisdom, discernment, and knowledge, which I believe the combination of these qualities gives George a more in depth understanding than your average counselor. In addition to the credentials, I found George and his staff to be resourceful, understanding, compassionate, and bible based.

Sincerely Thankful,


Testimonies from clients


I just completed the Domestic Violence Treatment Program with Kim; she is a great counselor and really helped me in the program. Also the staff of the agency was always very helpful-especially Lynn. the owner George Brummell is a really good guy as well; just hearing his story about how God changed his life through his faith was encouraging and inspiring.


Happy couple Danny Allen Alicia Allen Joyce Holmes

Hello, Im a faithful believer in Christ, this is part of my story. 10 years ago at a young age I started the destructive lifestyle, that lead to years of anger, addicted to Cocaine, meth and alcohol, leaving me with no hope, and jail. Being a part of Hope in the Cross Ministry, and recovery and Discipleship with George Brummell. This has taught me not only how to be a man of God, but a Successful Adult in all my endeavors; I plan to achieve in my future. This ministry has Saved my life, by the power of christ. I challenge anyone who wants help, and is at there wits end; come be refreshed with hope and the love of Christ, at Hope in the Cross Ministries. God bless.

-Alex York

Hello, Im a faithful believer in Christ. For the past 10 years I have struggled with an addiction to Opiates. Being part of this drug and alcohol treatment agency as well as Hope in the Cross Ministry and Recovery Home, has really helped me grow spiritually and emotionally. I have found it to be a element of hope and success in my life, whatever Im going through, I have support and encouragement. If I can do it, YOU can do it too.

-Phillip Park

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