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The program we use is called Vsee, it is HIPPA compliant and all information is secure and will not be saved other than in your client file as a record of the service provided.
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Youth Counseling in Auburn, WA

At Hope + Help Counseling, we offer professional confidential counseling for teens, to find the root causes of their emotional and behavioral troubles. We then develop realistic strategies to overcome these issues. Our approach is personalized for each client's age and we even offer group counseling.


Solutions To Your Problems

  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Drugs
  • Bullying
  • Self-harm
  • Sexual pressure


Help For Your Teen Dealing With:

We share your desire to give your teen the happy, healthy life they deserve. Solutions are possible for issues such as deviant behavior, family conflicts, or bad attitudes. Call our office today for a FREE, confidential consultation over the phone.


Understand Your Child Better

As children get older, they may act out in different ways or even withdraw from interacting with their parents. We are here to help your teen work through any difficult emotions or unhealthy choices.

Emotion Coaching 

We also offer Emotion Coaching classes for parents.  Emotional coaching is a parenting style that has positive and long-lasting effects on children and parent/child relationships.  Emotion Coaching is a 5-step process that is research-based, easy to learn, and proven effective with children from infancy-adolescence.  Emotion Coaching is a skill that can be applied to many behavioral challenges that parents encounter with their children and helps build life-long coping skills.  You can start Emotion Coaching at any age, it's never too late. The Goal is to Develop Emotion Intelligent Children.



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