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As of 01/23/2017 we are offering Teletherapy. This is therapy over a secure internet communication using your phone or computer. It is HIPPA compliant. This will allow you to access therapy when you cannot make it to the agency. Please call for more details and to arrange how to access this form of therapy for your individual sessions.
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Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a cognitive-behavioral counseling program offered at Hope + Help Counseling. MRT combines education and group and individual counseling with structured exercises designed to foster moral development in people who are normally resistant to such treatment.

Understanding Right from Wrong

Moral Reconation Therapy aims to give individuals a better understanding of right and wrong, as well as provide a better sense of moral reasoning. In MRT, patients are confronted with the consequences of their behavior. We are one of the few state-certified agencies that offer MRT in Auburn, WA.

Step-by-Step Counseling

MRT teaches beliefs and reasoning, using a systematic group counseling program. The program is designed to alter how individuals think and make judgments about what is or is not morally acceptable.

A Moral Basis for Living Life

In MRT, "moral" is not defined by a specific religious concept, but the concept of how a person uses reasoning to make decisions about what is to be done in a certain situation.

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